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At Method we don’t just deliver a load of complicated analysis and then leave never to be seen again. We’re not just passionate about analytics, we’re passionate about creating and delivering tools that help companies immerse the insight within their businesses. Whether it’s using fancy Business Intelligent software such as Tableau, good old Excel, or creating complex algorithms for mapping across data sources, we design and create bespoke business tools that can be used again and again to help businesses get the most of their data and analytics.

We have many years experience when it comes to creating insightful reporting and presentations.  We create reports that are sophisticated yet simple to use and interpret, and our presentations are also concise and focused on what matters, delivering truly actionable insight.

Reporting has changed massively in the last few years.  Many businesses now strive for something much more impactful and much more interactive for sharing trends and insight across their businesses.  The art of Data Visualisation presents so many more opportunities now and Method are experts at creating interactive dashboards across many software solutions.

Performing complicated analysis and providing T-Values, P-Values or R2’s is all well and good but most businesses only truly find this useful when they are able to answer the question “So What?”.  Method build simulator tools that enable the user to build in real business cases linking modelling back to financials, enabling endless “What If?” scenario planning.

Often when performing analysis such as Clustering for Segmentation’s, the value can be lost when a businesses is unable to overlay segments on to their database for future use.  Method design Segmentation’s with this in mind, we make sure they’re fully actionable and create mapping algorithms to overlay on customer databases.

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